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Visit the School

We look forward to seeing you at our various admissions events that are designed to show you all aspects of our school. On our tours, you will have the opportunity to meet current parents, students, and visit classrooms – so you see what makes our school the vibrant learning environment we have thoughtfully created for every student.

When you visit our school, you’ll observe the strengths of the academic program, where each grade’s curriculum has been thoughtfully crafted, and purposefully connected to the next grade for a seamless continuity of learning. In our classrooms, you’ll see a dynamic and motivated community of learners being active participants in their education. You’ll observe skilled teachers who make each lesson an immersive learning experience to ensure deep academic understanding.

Come visit and experience what makes Marin Horizon a unique environment for students - see the open house events and tour dates below.

Admission Tours

We look forward to seeing you at our various admissions events that are designed to show you all aspects of our school - our tours, parent coffees, and open houses! The dates for the tours for the next school year are below:

October 2023

Toddler Program: Oct 12

Primary - 8th Grade: Oct. 19, Oct 26

November 2023

Toddler Program: Nov 2, Nov 16

Primary - 8th Grade: Nov 9, Nov 30

December 2023

Toddler Program: Dec 7

Primary - 8th Grade: Dec 14

January 2024

Toddler Program: Jan 11

Primary - 8th Grade: Jan 18

February 2024

Primary - 8th Grade: Feb 1

You can view our complete list of events and register for them by visiting our school page on Ravenna.


If you are interested in admissions for the 2023-2024 school year, we are still accepting applications for select grades. Email for more information.

Special Events

We currently have two Open Houses scheduled for the coming school year.


Marin Horizon Admissions Open House

Saturday, December 2, 2023
Saturday, February 3, 2024
10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Marin Horizon Main Campus
305 Montford Avenue, Mill Valley

Other special events and parent coffees are held throughout the year. Please see the latest on the Community Events section.

Connect with Our Community

See videos of our community in action on Facebook

See photos of our community during this time on Instagram

Connect with current families by reaching out to our Family Ambassadors! Email to receive the contact list.

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